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  • Cycle Helmet with Brake Light and Turn Signal
    What happens when you apply user centred design with multi functionality objects? LDT Design are getting more involved with these types of projects and have reported on one example below. Perhaps you would like to work on similar ideas for your markets?

    A Hungarian designer created a concept for a bicycle helmet with three safety features: a front light, a back light and turn signals.

    Why do LDT Design like “The Dora Helmet”? well we have some keen cyclists at LDT and we welcome any products that are multi functional and would reduce the number of gadgets bikers have to worry about! We are currently working on products that combine a number of functions that are useful and beneficial to the end user.

    We do like the idea of combining useful safety features into cycling products and combining multiple functions into one product, not sure it will stop bendy buses getting quite so close to you though!


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