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  • Adding Innovation Through Additives
    We’ve all had one of those ideas that starts with “If only we could…” and the ending to that sentence is mostly wishful thinking. However, there are some really practical additives that we can add to plastics to give them unique properties, from colour changing polymers to anti-static materials and x-ray plastics.

    We have met some companies that have additives that are so bizarre and unique that they don’t yet know what to do with them (if you have any ideas for a water absorbing TPE, please get in touch!).
    One of my favourites is shape memory plastic, that has a pre-defined “original” shape, a good example of this are some glasses on Kickstarter that have the ability to return to their “original” shape when heat from the human body is applied after they have been bent out of shape.

    Another great example is a colour changing plastic that reacts with air to change colour. It has recently been used to break the cycle of reusing syringes in third world countries. The chameleon properties of the syringe make it self expiring, giving a clear warning to patients and adds only a fraction to the cost (0.16p to a typical 2.5p syringe).

    There are many plastics and unique additive out there just waiting for a new application, so if you have any of those, or any specific technical requirements then it’s worth getting in touch, let us know what you are looking for and we will see if we can find something to help.

    Here’s some links to a few of our favourites:

    How colour-changing technology could revolutionise the medical industry

    Shape memory glasses by Enclave


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