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  • You’ve most likely seen or heard the phrase before as it is a huge topic in the world of design, technology and the future. “The Internet of things” for LDT Design is all about smart devices; making new or existing products “smart” via the use of the internet and intelligent networking. Products under the “IoT” category now include everything from smoke alarms to lawnmowers, baby monitors to vacuum cleaners; all connecting through the internet and all intending to make our lives that bit easier.

    Home security cameras have recently seen an increase in popularity, allowing home owners to keep an eye on their properties whilst out and about.  LDT Design were recently involved in the design of Cocoon, a smart security camera that uses SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activity throughout your home. The camera will alert the user through their phone to any unusual activity.

    However, with all these devices connecting through the internet, it has raised concern about the potential to hack them. Whilst your smart fridge or vacuum cleaner may not cause too much havoc if hacked, machines such as self driving vehicles or products holding confidential information could become a lot more dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Cocoon as you would expect take the security of their device very seriously: it is set up so that it accepts no incoming connections – there are no accessible services to compromise and no usernames or passwords to guess. Cocoon technical team emphasise that security is an ongoing journey rather than a single test. Unlike many devices, Cocoon receives regular software updates – both to deliver new features and also to stay ahead on security.

    A boom in the number of smart devices used in the home, businesses, transport and even cities, has led to an increase in cyber attacks on vulnerable devices.  An investigation by SEC Consult found that a number of manufacturers are reusing the same cryptographic keys throughout multiple (IoT) products meaning, if they can access one device, they could access many others.

    This in turn has led to a number of security firms developing routers aimed at preventing these attacks on net connected products which, unbeknown to the user, may be at risk. Norton will soon be releasing the “Core”, a futuristic looking wireless router with integrated smart device security. The router allegedly discovers and secures everything from mobile phones to smart tv’s, quarantining threats if a device is breached.

    As well as an advance in security, the Norton Core also demonstrates the movement towards elegant and sculptural design for products that were once often aesthetically overlooked. Its minimal look, intriguing geometric pattern and hidden input area form an attractive unit that wont need hiding away. LDT Design give the Norton Core the thumbs up; we support technology products that fit with their environments and are simple and easy to use. This is where we can add value and work with the manufacturers of these devices.

    To find out more about our involvement in technology products and devices or how we can help your business realise both functional and beautiful products, visit our website http://www.ldtdesign.co.uk, email us, or give our team a ring.







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