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    FLAT® Equalizers

    So the sun is out and it continues to be a great summer… what could be nicer than taking advantage of the good weather and enjoying a drink or a light meal outside whilst watching the world go by!

    It’s a nice experience right? But this can often be ruined by something as simple as a wobbly table. Before long you’ve spilt your drink and are desperately trying to jam bar mats under one of the table feet, or nudging a stack of dirty napkins into place with your shoe.  It’s a real problem for commercial restaurants, bars and customers!

    Australian based ‘Flat tech’ has devoted the last decade to overcome this issue, and currently has a comprehensive range of table bases on sale globally that put a stop to those wobbly tables!

    They recently approached LDT Design to provided a conceptual design study for a new generation of products – specifically targeted to open up the huge retrofit market – where size, cost, durability, and clever functionality where all key project drivers.

    LDT Design completed the early stage design work and beat other design consultancies to the contract with their innovative solutions to the problem. Flat Tech commissioning an 8 month project with LDT  – taking the concept from a quick sketch, through development, rigorous prototyping and testing, European sourcing visits until the product was fully engineered, specified and ready for production.

    The products functionality is a closely guarded (and Protected) secret, but involves a clever array of valves, springs and hydraulic fluid, all constantly poised to react to chances in floor height, or simply re-set with a firm push down.

    At times in the development it was unclear if we would ever get the design theory to work reliably in what seemed like an impossibly small housing… but its testament to Flat’s faith in LDT’s design team and the concept as a whole that the finished product was launched earlier in the year.

    The Flat equalizers; as they have become known, where launched in May 2018 at the prestigious NRA show, (Chicago) and quickly scooped the winner of the ‘kitchen innovation Award 2018’ one on the highest industry accolades.  The KI 2018 Award is presented each year to those rare manufacturers and designers  that have engineered a new product that has the potential to make a meaningful impact on a restaurateur’s success. The award winners undergo an intensive vetting process over a 6-month period conducted by a panel of nine judges that represent some of the industry’s most well respected brands and organisations.

    The whole development has been a great success and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Flat over the coming years.

    See the FIRA testing the final product had to go through below!

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