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    Our skilled team will work with you to get your ideas through design, approvals and into volume manufacture. Our intentions are to: listen and understand you and your business, see how we can add value, build trust and help you deliver outstanding products to your customers that are great to use and good for business. We are always keen to get involved in new and exciting projects.

    Design Strategy

    Design Strategy

    We will work with your business to map out and identify opportunities. The earlier we can get involved with a business the more we can work with you to strategise your future and growth objectives using product development. We run some innovation workshops that lead into planning and mapping out future opportunities.


    Research & Development

    We can work with you to research and develop a particular technology, market application or other. We conduct activities in house and with collaborative partners to unpick and research a particular area so we can focus further on project objectives and outcomes. We believe all companies should balance R&D activities and longer term initiatives with shorter term product development work to stay competitive.

    Concept Development

    Concept Development

    Our concept design work is customised around each client’s project and vision. We are guided by your business, your market, the research we conduct and the design brief we build together to turn ideas into real opportunities. Our experienced team will work hard to bring innovation and fresh thinking to the forefront of the process and present back to you a range of concepts with varying levels of innovation and risk.

    Design for Manufacture

    Design for Manufacture

    Designing a product for manufacture is a critical part of the development cycle where many teams and skills are brought together. LDT Design has designed hundreds of products of varying complexities and material types through to production. We ensure the fine details of the product are controlled and maintained throughout the engineering and supplier liaison stages until your product is manufactured.


    Prototype & Testing

    Whether you want to gain market feedback on a cosmetic model or you have a complex technical system you need to validate/ test. Our prototyping service can accommodate your needs, we can simulate injection moulded enclosures using various rapid prototyping technologies, produce cosmetic models using Vac Casting or 5 axis CNC machined and sprayed models. Prototyping is key to our development process, we validate and test a product at various stages before it goes into mass production.


    UK & Offshore Production

    We can assist you with UK and Off Shore manufacturing; through our years of experience we have developed a network of capable manufacturing partners in injection moulding, metal forming and fabrication among others. We can also work with your preferred manufacturing partners.

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