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  • Active Posture Sensor

    Project Details


    Each year UK business loose approximately £2.5bn due to posture related illness and this figure dramatically increases when you factor in the knock-on NHS costs. A local entrepreneur and innovator challenged LDT design to come up with a solution to tackle this issue.

    Develop a low cost consumer device that could be fitted to the back of most office chairs. The device must be easy to fit to an office chair, set up, use and also be an affordable accessory for the office worker or employer.


    Beyond the challenges of hardware and app development the device had to be acceptable to the user, be easy to setup and be as discreet as possible (Specifically no wearable elements on the user).

    A major challenge was designing it to fit to the majority of different sized and shaped office chairs available on the market today. An innovative clip and adjustable strap system was created that allowed the device to be positioned and adjusted to fit the different styles of chair.

    The strap was key to the development because it connected the main technology unit that housed the batteries to the sensor head and allowed for adjustment to suit different users and chairs. Sensors were used to continually evaluate the users back position and relay this information via Bluetooth LE directly to an app running on the user’s PC or laptop.

    This app gently reminded the user to improve their posture via a screen pop-up. Other features of the app included a set up/ collaboration mode and posture analysis information.


    The product and app where developed into a fully working prototype, LDT also assisted in developing the packaging and branding that could be taken forward to pitch for further investment. This still remains an innovative product opportunity for our client; patent applications and IP protection work are currently being worked on.

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