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  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Project Details


    To develop a non invasive blood glucose monitor working with Glucosense Diagnostics, who are a spin out technology company from the University of Leeds. Part of the brief was to help them to integrate their patented technology into an enclosure that could be used to validate it’s performance on Diabetic patients.

    We began the project by understanding the technology and medical regulations required for the technology demonstrator. We worked closely with the Inventor of the technology to safely integrate a class three laser, sensor detectors and laser fibre within the enclosure and make it easy to use with patients.


    There were a number of challenges faced during the project: one challenge was to align the laser fibre accurately within microns to a patented silica Glass composite chip. This mechanism allowed micro adjustment to a particular region of the glass to collect accurate data.

    LDT Design had to mechanically layout key components in the unit and ensure the device was still comfortable to use in a clinical setting.

    Glucose Monitor


    We worked with the client through 3 stages of prototyping before the optimum solution was found. Three final devices were manufactured and used in a mini user trial to verify the technology. The glucose results taken from the devices were reliable and it provided confidence that the technology would work in a commercial product.

    A large multi-national company has invested further in the project and it is currently going through a commercial design and optimisation process to turn the device into a wearable non invasive blood glucose monitor.

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