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  • ZEN Instant Boiling Water tap

    Project Details


    Hyco Manufacturing Ltd approached LDT Design to help them to expand their boiling water products. They have 25 years experience in this sector and were keen to innovate further.

    The main objective was to help them to develop a new boiling hot water tap and tank from concept to manufacture and also support their in house engineering team throughout the product development process.


    One of the most challenging aspects of this project was how we could create an elegant product that would be safe to use and comply with CE approvals. Engineering the handle mechanism required lots of testing and refining to ensure that it felt great to operate and was safe to use.

    It was generally a challenging project which involved refining and testing the following elements: Water flow and control, Heat distribution and insulating it from the user. This product utilised many different material / manufacturing processes from Injection Moulding, Brass Cast parts to specialist insulating materials among others.

    ZEN Instant Boiling Water tap and tank


    Zen Boiling tap is CE approved and in volume production. Hyco have a new product different to anything else in their portfolio which will allow them to reach different markets and increase sales. It has been on sale since early 2015 with a positive market response and is listed with many online retailers including Amazon.

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