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  • Hydraulic Table Levelling Foot

    Project Details


    FLAT has developed patented, proprietary technologies that can be used to stabilise and align items on uneven surfaces. They challenged LDT to come up with a solution that would allow their unique table stabilizing technology to fit onto any standard table base.

    Achieving this would open up a huge ‘retro fit’ market for the company and continue to grow their product range.



    The challenges faced on this project were considerable but through itterative design and development and problem solving a concept was established that utilised hydraulic fluid, valves and springs to achieve a self levelling foot. In the early stages it was unclear if this functionality could be miniaturised into an acceptable format for retro fitting to furniture and it was not clear we could meet the set target retail price.

    After producing many prototypes, re engineering and improving the product which included overcoming sealing issues, size, filling of oil, cost, material selection, design for mass production we finally achieved a commercial solution.



    LDT handed over production CAD and a full set of manufacturing drawings, these were taken on by FLAT Techs internal team and put through their supply chain as they geared up for volume production. The production products went on to be extensively tested by FIRA for durability and safety, passing all appropriate tests and achieving BS/EN standards for conformity. It’s testament to Flats continued faith in LDT Design that what started as a small conceptual project ultimately resulted in LDT designing, specifying and testing a unique and innovative product that is now selling in volume. The ‘Flat Equalisers’ are now on sale in Europe, America, and Australasia.

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