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  • Gaming Console – Sonus

    Project Details


    Sonus interactive develop audio based software that allows blind or partially sighted people the opportunity to immerse themselves in gaming. Sonus needed a handheld gaming console to launch their software platform on and commissioned LDT Design to design and prototype an ergonomic, aesthetically appealing and suitably designed product for a partially sighted or blind person.


    The main challenge was creating a console that was easy to navigate by a partially sighted or blind person. This involved developing the layout of buttons and inputs to make it easy for the user to operate and locate.

    Each area of the console has been carefully designed with raised areas around certain button functions, the shape of buttons are different depending on the function. A key area of the development was the introduction of different surface texture and fine surface details to allow the user to feelĀ  their way around the product. This design theme expanded to all touch points of the product to enhance the user experience.


    LDT delivered an attractive gaming console that was iteratively tested using 3D prints from their in house 3D printer. The final design has been prototyped and has been very well received by end users who have commented on its comfort and ease of use during play. The prototype is currently out on test gaining feedback from users and further games are being developed for the platform. Budget tooling costs and part costs are in place and a full business plan is underway for the commercialisation and delivery of the product into the market.

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