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  • Cocoon Home Security Product

    Project Details


    Cocoon are a newly formed technology company who needed help to develop their smart home security device. They had developed a proof of concept technology demonstrator using off the shelf electronics and enclosure but needed help to turn their prototype into a commercial product for the mass market.

    The first stage of work focused on developing the design aesthetics and initial prototype based on estimated electronic space envelopes. Further stages of work included designing the product through detail engineering with the supply chain until ready for mass production.


    LDT Design introduced a fabric to the product to give it a soft warm aesthetic and make it look less like a technology product. The application and integration of the fabric into the shape required lots of testing and prototyping to stabilise the process and achieve the desired aesthetics. The unit is very compact and LDT spent a lot of time working with the electronic engineers to integrate all the technology into the enclosure.

    LDT also worked with acoustic engineers to design and integrate the speaker chamber which had specific functional requirements. The front lens of the product was also challenging because we had to accommodate three different material types to allow the camera to see in both daylight and darkness. The device also uses a PIR sensor to detect motion.

    Cocoon Samrt Home Secirity


    Cocoon launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site in October 2014 and raised $233,627 during the campaign. This far exceeded the $100,000 crowdfunding target. This gave Cocoon the confidence to take the product to market and it provided the perfect platform to raise further capital to fund the product to manufacture. LDT Design were selected to detail engineer the product until ready for manufacture.

    Cocoon later won the 2014 London Design Award (Silver) – This award celebrates creative and innovative design for an overall product. This award celebrated Cocoon’s fantastic design and function. Cocoon Labs Ltd have received significant press coverage and interest in their product and Cocoon has been in mass production since 2016.

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