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  • ID Badge Holder

    Project Details


    First2HelpYou provide bespoke lone worker devices and solutions and asked LDT to design an ID holder that could store their loner worker SOS device for quick access in an emergency.

    The holder would allow a standard ID card to be viewed from the front whilst providing full access to the devices SOS button, On/off switch and LEDS from the back. It would also need to give the user the option to wear it with a lanyard or attach it to their belt.

    The ID holder would be provided as an accessory with the SOS device and so the part and tool cost would need to be kept to a minimum.


    One of the main challenges faced was creating an aesthetically pleasing design whilst keeping all the necessary buttons easily accessible. Due to the asymmetrical oval form of the SOS device, we had to explore different ways of mounting it within the profile of the ID card.

    Producing a design that could be worn with a lanyard or on a belt also presented a challenge. We looked at different options including off the shelf belt clips and a silicone strap that could be wrapped around a belt. After discussions with the client, it was decided that an off shelf belt clip would be provided with the holder, keeping the design to just one moulding.

    Further challenges included making the unit as compact and light as possible so it would not impede the user and to keep the part cost down. A textured body with a gloss finish around the button inputs added a premium feel to the holder whilst naturally guiding the user to the buttons through touch.



    LDT managed the design through to production and have provided First2HelpYou with a first off batch production run. The design successfully met the needs of the client; providing a sleek, convenient and unobtrusive solution for storing the SOS device.

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