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  • Industrial Noise Measurement Equipment

    Project Details


    Cirrus Research is a world-leader in the design, manufacture and supply of noise measurement equipment.  They approached LDT Design to help them design and manufacture a new range of sound monitoring ‘dose badges’ that are used as safety devices in the industrial sector.

    The project involved the design, development and manufacture of the badge itself, a charging station to charge five badges and a hand held remote with OLED display used to monitor the dose badge data via BLE.


    As with all wearable technology, minimising the product size, making it discreet and comfortable to wear are critical factors- This was particularly challenging with the dose badge due to the amount of technology that needed to be fitted into it.

    The badges are often used in hazardous areas and therefore they needed to conform to ATEX standards and also be robust for use within an industrial environment. This requirement meant we had to be mindful of critical ATEX standards when undertaking the development. Predominantly we needed to ensure the internal electronics were robustly sealed to eliminate any water ingress and all the production materials had to conform to ATEX’s ant-static requirements.


    LDT managed the project though to a DFM stage and aligned all components with a suitable tooling and manufacturing partners. The products were successfully launched at a trade event in 2016 and continue to be sold worldwide.

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