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  • Sentinel Night Vision Camera

    Project Details


    Take the Nocturna proprietary technology and develop an injection moulded handheld enclosure that is ergonomic and easy to use. Work closely with the electronics engineer, product development manager at Nocturna and the supply chain to bring all the elements of the product together which also included a bespoke charging station.

    The product will primarily be marketed at the security industry and used to covertly observe and record situations that may otherwise be obscured by darkness.


    The main challenges faced were: Packaging all the electronics into a small, ergonomic enclosure that is easily assembled and would survive a drop test from 1.2m. We achieved this by configuring the PCB’s in a sub assembled cradle that inserted into the main enclosure. The cradle as well as providing extra protection to the hardware also stacked the boards in a compact manner and made the product very easy to assemble.

    Another challenge was maintaining an IP 65 rating whilst keeping the form factor as small as possible. We could not use traditional snap fit and mechanical fixings with gaskets because we did not have the space. We opted for a fully encapsulated enclosure using ultrasonic welding. We worked closely with the supplier to design the weld beads and assembly procedure.

    As well as all the technical requirements the product had to look great, be ergonomic, light weight and easy and comfortable to use.  We had to deliver the fully detailed enclosure ready for manufacture within 3 months which we did in a timely and accurate manner.


    3 product variants of the Sentinel were launched early in 2017. Sentinel base model, Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Ultra. The Pro and Ultra also come with a custom charging station. The Sentinel range has had an extremely successful launch and sales are increasing month on month. It has also won The BSIA award for “Innovative Security Project of the Year” which recognises projects that represent a first for the industry, a first for a particular market or a new application of an existing security solution.

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