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  • Noctura 400

    Project Details


    Work with the PolyPhotonix team to optimise the eye mask injection mouldings and general enclosure design to make it more reliable to manufacture and assemble. Organise and structure the drawings for the product and control all the revision changes during improvements and optimisation.


    LDT were asked to work closely with the PolyPhotonix team to improve the assembly and manufacturing of the Noctura 400 product as it went through trial production. The most challenging aspect of the project was ensuring the assembly was repeatable, the work to solve this involved major changes to the moulding B surfaces and some assembly / electronic changes.

    The Noctura 400 is a wearable device and is flexible in nature which made it difficult to assemble and create reliable interconnects between the PCB, the OLEDs and power supply.

    Noctura 400


    LDT introduced changes to the product to make the assembly process more efficient. We improved the technical drawing files and controlled all drawing changes within a formalised structure to suit medical approvals. Once all design improvements were implemented a further production tool was commissioned for the volume manufacture of the product.

    In addition, LDT looked at alternative designs for the Noctura 400 fabric mask using completely new innovative fabrics and strap fastenings. The concept design was not adopted but introduced some ideas for future improvements. Noctura 400 is currently on sale through optometrists and it is hoped the technology will be more widely available in the next few years. LDT Design are also involved with other projects relating to wearable eye therapies working with leading scientists at PolyPhotonix.

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