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  • Perimeos Ceiling Recess

    Project Details


    Yorkshire based Decor Systems Ltd contacted LDT to help them develop a new commercial blind system that would be sold directly to building contractors and specified by architects during the planning stage.


    Planning commercial blinds into a building from the outset ensures a well considered and seamlessly integrated blind solution for new buildings and refurbishments.


    The main enclosure for the system needed to be designed to accommodate a number of generic roller blinds and electric motors for automation. It also had to have a number of features designed to make it customisable to different installation types.


    At the outset the project seemed relatively simple but after exploring the multiple different fitting possibilities and growing number of secondary parts it took some consideration to fully resolve.


    We also had to think very carefully about the actual installation procedure to ensure the fitting was simple and access was easy for any ongoing maintenance.


    The array of secondary extrusions and flexibility of the system was a challenge but when fully resolved it meant the blind system could be used in almost any situation.


    The blind product has been positively received within the industry, and the first installation of 1.67miles of extrusion has been fitted into a luxury development during October 2017. Decor Systems have their solution planned into various future building schemes.

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