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  • Retail Information Kiosk

    Project Details


    10 Squared Ltd design and manufacture information kiosks. They approached LDT Design to help them to create an innovative range of kiosks targeted at the retail sector.

    The brief was clear, to create an elegant modern kiosk range focusing on large format touch screens with no transactional elements. They wanted the new product range to disrupt the kiosk market and give retailers a range of screens that could be easily installed into various configurations within the retail space.


    LDT worked on a number of kiosk ideas and the main challenge was how to create a product range that could fit with multiple environments. We also needed to ensure that the kiosks would be aesthetically pleasing which was difficult when we needed to work within the parameters of sheet metal manufacturing.

    We kept the form very simple to ensure that the product was modern and elegant. This also meant the manufacturer could use their in house production methods to produce the design. This was important because it gave them full control of the quality and manufacturing process.

    Retail Information Kiosk


    When the CURV range was launched it had immediate impact in the market place and it picked up “Best Design” award in the 2011 EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR SELF SERVICE AWARDS.

    It opened up new opportunities for 10 Squared within the retail area and this lead to trials of the product with key prestigious retailers. Regular volume orders of the product were received by 10 Squared which has lead to more business within the retail sector.

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