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  • Rok Tex Composite Sink

    Project Details


    Astracast a leading kitchen sink manufacturer wanted to introduce a patented material to a new composite sink range but were unsure how to integrate the texture into a new product to keep it balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

    We were tasked with creating a new 1.0B and 1.5B sink and accessories based around the newly formulated ROK TEX (R) material. LDT Designs remit was to conceptually develop and detail the products until ready for volume manufacture.


    The biggest challenge was balancing the heavy texture details with a contemporary form, we wanted the texture to be functional but also not too over powering. We worked on around 10 variants and ideas until we developed a form that met with the approval of the Astracast marketing team.

    The sweeping form of the sink frame provided some engineering challenges to allow reliable production but these were quickly overcome with some details on the underside of the sink to overcome any potential moulding issues. This was possible due to LDT Design previous experience developing composite sinks.


    ROK TEX (R) was successfully launched in 2015 and it is currently sold through many DIY retailers and kitchen showrooms. We worked through iterative designs and prototype testing to ensure we had the sink details exactly right. LDT handed over a full manufacturing pack that allowed both sink models to be tooled in Europe. The tools were commissioned and brought back to the UK where the final product is manufactured.

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