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  • Test Screwdriver

    Project Details


    Peter Bradley, Inventor of SD Screwdriver, asked LDT Design to take his working prototype and help him turn it into a refined commercial product that could be manufactured in volume. The main objectives were to package the electronics and different functional elements into a compact screwdriver product that was comfortable and easy to use.


    LDT took the original concept and re developed and engineered the enclosure to be compact and comfortable to use whilst maintaining the key functions of the product: direct and non direct voltage detection, screwdriver and LED torch.

    It was challenging to integrate the electronics into a compact enclosure that was the same size as a standard screwdriver. The strength of the screwdriver had to be maintained whilst integrating the additional features.

    SD Screw Driver


    LDT worked through various stages of prototyping until a final pre production sample was produced that was used to pitch for further investment. A full costing and manufacturing analysis was carried out as well as the production of a final sample with packaging.

    Viper-tronics are currently seeking further investment to take their patented device to market.

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