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    Project Details


    PolyPhotonix is a pioneering scientific research and development company based in the North East.

    They have developed the Noctura 400 sleep mask which is a non-invasive prevention and treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy & Diabetic Macular Oedema.

    During 2016-17 they asked LDT and four other forward thinking organisations to collaborate with them to establish what the next generation of their diabetic treatment masks could be and how the product and business model could be scaled to meet the size of the world market.


    As a group of companies we were pushing the boundaries of what’s technically possible with flexible electronics, light emitting electro chemical cells (LEEC’s) and cutting edge flexible lithium ion batteries to deliver genuinely life changing treatments.

    LDT Design focused on the physicality of the mask ensuring the user was comfortable, the technology was integrated in a suitable manner and mass production was possible. LDT developed solutions to limit the cost and environmental impact of the disposable elements and also undertook material research into the most suitable options for user comfort. Iterative prototyping and user testing/ feedback was carried out throughout the development.


    The project culminated in a fully working prototype of the final design which was presented to the UK Government body ‘Innovate UK’. They deemed the project a great success and use it as an example of best practice for similar ongoing projects. PolyPhotonix are looking at the opportunities to exploit the work in a commercial manner. We look forward to being instrumental in any future product developments.

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